As you may have already guessed, getting a tragus piercing isn’t free. At least it shouldn’t be if you are getting it done the proper and safe way which is at a piercing studio and by a trained, professional piercer. A professional piercer provides the service of body piercing and it is this piercing service that you are paying for along with the added cost of the initial piercing jewellery. Some studios include the cost of the jewellery in the cost of the tragus piercing itself. So, how much does tragus piercing cost?


Tragus Piercing Cost

Let’s look at the different tragus piercing prices. The average cost for a tragus piercing depends a lot on where you live. If you live in the United Kingdom you can expect to pay anywhere from £20 to £30. In the United States of America you could pay between $30 and $45. If you live in Europe you could be paying between €30 and €40 for your tragus piercing. In Australia tragus piercings cost around A$35 to A$40. Some studios charge a little more for a barbell piercing compared to a captive bead ring piercing. The difference can be anywhere from $/£/€1 to about $/£/€5.


Tragus Piercing Cost


Some piercing studios provide externally threaded jewellery while others provide internally threaded jewellery. Other studios provide the option of both types of threaded jewellery. In general, internally threaded jewellery pieces are more expensive than externally threaded pieces. This is because they are more difficult to make. Internal threads require a lot more machining and labour and so cost more to manufacture. Many piercing professionals recommend internally threaded jewellery for initial piercings and some piercing studios only supply internally threaded jewellery for fresh piercings. The reason for this is because, with internally threaded jewellery, the part of the jewellery which must pass through the fresh piercing is smooth and so does not risk damaging or irritating the skin.


Your piercer may recommend a cleaning solution for you to use to clean your piercing while it heals. You will most likely have the option to buy the product at the piercing studio before you leave. This can add to the amount you might spend at the piercing studio but it does not add to the cost of the tragus piercing itself. So, how much does a tragus piercing cost? Well it depends on where you live and what kind of jewellery you choose, but, on average, tragus piercings cost about $35.

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