So there you are, contemplating your options for a new piercing, or maybe it’s your very first piercing and you’re looking for ideas. You want something a bit different, a bit more unique than, say, a helix piercing or a lip piercing and your friend says “What about a tragus piercing?”


Or maybe you’re browsing online for a new bellybutton ring and you come across a page of tragus piercing barbells and captive bead rings. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all been there. Whether you’re new to the world of piercings or you’ve lost count of how many you have, we’ve all at some point wondered “What is a tragus piercing?!” Not only that, but “Where is the tragus located on the body?”





The word ‘tragus’ is quite unusual and may not be like anything you’ve heard of before, so the name itself is not much of a give-away. The tragus could be any part of the body! Is it on the nose? Is it the back of the neck? Or maybe it’s somewhere on the foot?! Well, if you don’t know where the tragus is on the body, you might just be surprised to learn that the tragus is actually found in the most commonly pierced area of the human body. The ear!


The tragus is the backwards-protruding nub of tough cartilage situated at the entrance of the ear canal. It is small and stubby but, like the earlobe, it is the perfect place to pierce and to place a ring or a barbell.


Tragus Piercing

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The tragus piercing has become quite popular in the last decade. In fact, according to a news article the tragus piercing has seen a sharp rise in popularity since the year 2005. It is reported that the tragus piercing shot into the mainstream because of Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett starred in Woody Allen’s 2006 movie ‘Scoop’, and her tragus piercing was clearly visible in the movie as well as on the poster for the movie and so was seen by millions. It wasn’t long before the tragus piercing was the new big piercing trend. Girls and guys all around the world were lining up to get this great piercing and the huge popularity of the piercing continues today.


But it’s not just the celebrity endorsement that has ensured the tragus piercing’s popularity. Tragus piercings are extremely versatile and a large range of different kinds of jewellery can be worn in them such as rings, barbells and even spirals. On top of that, tragus piercings are unisex meaning they look great on guys as well as girls.

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